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December 12, 1963     Mt. Adams Sun
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December 12, 1963

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4 " MT. ADAMS GUN " THURSDAY, DEC. 12, 1963  _ ................. ... , To=r nrAorf, arc , Skinner Mrs Clifton Harris . MIC DEVICE r r olv " - --" - --  --  ELKS WANT OLD  A TO I -" SU 5015 -- will conduct "the meeting. ---- _&apos;-"', PLAYINGCARDS IDUBBED'BEAST'" I Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Burgess I J/LaMI: ABRySexaRAir I puge[ ouni: u Washington .... :Int: -"d, FOR V ETS. ETC. i Martha Trlpp ,arrived home .Saturda.y n!ght!man Donald A. Mosbrucker, son lState, is 80 miles long, 8 miles . __ .-7. _.- t- - .  .... . --  , _ " .... i Behind an imposing array of from a two week vacauon vlsl-[ of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony N. ! wide at the broadest point, and Publishel every Thursday Mornlng at Bingo, Wmflxl[ngtom- .... _ Don t throw, away tnose eta, dials, meters and a bright acety-, ing Edna's brotners, m ansas... Mosbrucker of --7-7 NE Fl_Ids' ...... ! hoe ,thor ..... nf ___.q feet. - - .................. ,_ ...,. decks of playing cards. Donate len flame solidly sits the Lab s They all enioyed Thanksglvmg xh; qim,,  hin, redpn I .... nxera as -na css demarz %mo a I$ ''" them tO Mt. Adams Elks .Lodge newl - uchased" Atomic Ab- I together and she also visited an ............. . ......... ?r xa--or Original handmade Christ- W-esh.gton. un _ .... y pr . ed to Amardla AFB, e s, . .- _ _ . for distribution to hospltallzea so tion Snectrovhotometer. Af uncle. Enroute home they Vlglt-it.hnltal trninln a n IIgAF mas gifts, stockings and dec- Subscription $3.00 yr. (Klickltat & tmnania) -- $3.50 FAnet veterans, elderly citizens and fetPlonatel, en't itl ed "T h e ed two of Nelson's aunts and t :':i,--scaii:'t ..... I orations. See at Uptown Flowe, ICAL SOCIETY ASKS SANTA only "complete, unbroken ualtis a d?llont,s of slu Ir in Hermiston, ore "[time ago, has completed his in- HISTOR I ........ n ..... --" "' . ." .. /itial basic military training here. FOR A,D IN PA Y,N00O00f MORy2A2Eu= I tlOi works on this principle: ! anAtMTsh.aoSgaV g Jieg!inoridl oThecs, nnan s a 1963 graduate  ' Dear Santa: ]  ........  be wr ppe " P "I When a metalic solution con., with them the Charle [  so ss o  I  g I am having one heck of a gesmg people in tne wes enu tected I " , taining one part per billion cop-: and two daughters of Seattle. " Klickitat Coun help you by "" ationwide LIQUOR STORE TO "\\;, i t/, ry g ,, - o to I " per s asp . CLOSE XMAS EVE   time t m to reach the goal in of _ ty . This is the second n . " irated into the acety- Durwood came from Portland ,,burningthemortgage onthesendtng their contributions card collection staged by the flametheoo rmoleculesfordinneraftergreetlngthear'l ra T. ...... *-+[  [ dlsas ,, ,,, ........... . ....... , _..- sm the . lent ppe ....... ,,, ,,, ........... Klicktat County Historical So- the Mt. Adams Sun, u g Benevolent and Protective Or- . sociate into atoms capable rival of his new son, born early] sn.;, ,,n un,,or tore an [ f  i  cietv's museum As of today we following coupon. . i der of Elks The flrst two years n nhorhin light of a given that morning. | ........ +h, t,.t will t.los at] [ .t. |  have about $700 to go---a smalll Tll.anks a lot, San_ .re-ago, produced nearly 500,000 avelenl7 " -- [ After attending sessions of[  ...... ?"_'_E.'.',_'f':'.=-'l. , r//# I - amount when one considers we] minding, your.ilends, tOonntli:Idecks of used cards. ,- ] "'Tlis matching wavelength is'the AMA in Portland last week]nPsmEv.UesuaY' '"''[ ['/[,.' [--" ;itdeS:?efSt5fidurmg tnlriisr'g:ft.tJYour oldlpiSmes=:twtereVee:adid:!i ' ibt;n:md by :rng. jglt sphe Iriandx. s.o/.anWhovtaSi;]World---ar.,; :::k I /<" L --ll However it is only nature frith . _ the blind. Others were del" ,,,m of colors (i e ravelengths) visit at the home of their niec ,[ , ..... be . a ^...;;., ,, ho / "a  || for the good contributors have [ _ _ Harold Fariello ] to rehabilitation centers where "rod ed i sel:tivelv screen- ed Dr and Mrs Bill Boyden. ].._,':':,%' " .%,"ho'"   _,rj_ |[ " 1 from SOS p ue s . veeruua vt w. -, -- , ., done their part and It is hke P.S. I got $ 50 _ _ . cards are used to help cerebral i the desired wavelen th is His relatives from The Dallesl ...... ,..; .... :. _o,;. -rh ....  ."- [ hulling' teeth to get others who] " . . unt I g ! . u ,--, ,- ....  ...... - Lumber Co. and $50 from Frank nalsled children regain manual i .,o;,a . +h . atoms in the visited Dude Dickenson recent-[ ................... a:_  Iv K an afford to he!p to jar Ioose._l.J.ohnn:SO;ele?leb;lCewo[Clex_ter!ty. _ .............. . I f"la'a'e"i'nter;upt" the trans.mIs ly.. ......... ; i;rY'ate6C3op.Sm:"TugrkeWy'vIF'b'e nnu,T GIT ' (Seriously, Im glad to be of help in makinl the H " " " " " " : Society a success.) Name ................................................... Address ................................................. Amount enclosed ...................................... "- n  ,,  ing line. TII AIL Al I I'm terribly sorry that such Trout Lake  I view with! a light of shame has been cast on our school, but I can you that only a handful were in- volved in spreading it. I would like to apologize for those few unfortunate students and hope that they haven't shamed us all in the eyes of our elders. SONS IN TACOMA mineral work. Neal is conduct-!a 6:30 potluck dinner and gift Mr. and Mrs. L. W, Burbank ing the 1963 - 64 "white spot", exchange. For the program Mrs. who farmed in Trout Lake Val- lisease work. He is adding cop-' Ruby Walker will show some of Icy for 26 years have been via- )er and zinc to the rearing wa- Richard's pictures taken in Jap- iting their sons, Don and Ivan,te r of chinook salmon eggs. But n. and families, in Tacoma for siX ivou II be brought up to date on Among those who are at weeks. Mr. Burbank was 82 on'lat experiment next time. home struggling with severe Dec 2 I _ _ ,, us ao The; now live with their rxc ;AC 'flLe" colds are Mrs. Cy Kalina, who daughter Thelma and two child- 111,w v ,J ,Jz, v with her husband arrived home from Nebraska early Saturday Ten at 13815 Gladstone Ave., 98 YEARS AGO morning. They spent about a Sylmar, California while Thel- When Abraham Lincoln was month in the midwest visiting ma's husband, Dr. Delmar John- assassinated on April 14, 1865, relatives son is taking post- graduate it took three days for the news  o su, :,, study in surgery. ' _LE LEGION to reach Oregon, White Salmon 1. f "Very Sorry" Dr Johnson is a Seventh-day got the word a week later, ac- ",.ro ,r, r,, ,,,, - .o v   Adventist medical missionary. * cording to Arthur K. Roberts of JP_,/lk lqkLP_.,DIl I White Salmon -- As students He and his family previously [3114 No. 38th Ave., Portianc| , FOR BIG SHOW of Columbia High School we spent five years in Japan where Oregon. [ feel that it should be brought they will return in two years i Art s father, William J. Rob- 1 Harry Smith American Le- out that the entire student body to make their home. He will beerts ' then five years old and lie-igloo Post No. 140 of Lyle is al- did not enjoy the sick humor on the staff of a hospital in To-ing in White Salmon, looked a- ready rounding up acts for a t cross the Columbia and saw an lspring talent show to be held quoted in "Odds and Ends". In. kyo. cad many students had never[  a. sv :m  t American flag flying at half l Saturday, April 11 in Lyle. heard of .it until it was printed I HOW TO FIND :,mast in Hood IJver. t Auditions for all types of per- ,, We,are not trying to deny the I a ,r,rn,fr ,, n , ,-, I When he asked his mother formances can be arranged by joke or the fact that it was4 lll"lt./r IKII l what it meant, she told him contacting R. H. Beldin, Box heard in Columbia's halls. The I For the last 16 years Don and only thing we are saying is that I Jean Thomas have been hosts some important person had 92, Lyle or by phoning EM5- probably died. A week 1 ater 2172. very few students saw very lit-[to college friends from Portland White Sanon learred about  o SVN o fie humor in it. And, in our o-l on a Sunday in December to pinion, every generation has I gather trees and other greens the tragedy.  ao 0 UN certain people who ill see the l for the holiday season. Sunday humor in such things. Perhaps there were more than twenty LT, STAUFFER DON IMB OU contempt your last paragraph in the Odds and Ends. The para- graph dealt with the sick joke now circulating among high school students. If you are so disgusted with the joke, why did you do it the courtesy of be- ing published? The Mt. Adams Sun has a large circulation. By printing the joke, and on the front page at that, you told it to more peo- ple than any high school stu- dent could ever hope to reach I, too think the joke is dis- gusting, but when one hears such a joke, the way to stop it is by not repeating it. You have only encouraged people to make up more sick jokes. Sincerely, Sylvia Johnson White Salmon  I was very hurt to read the paragraph in portance to Neal Woodall's Saturday evening, Dec: 14 with gift for exchange; a wrapped you are up to your neck in aOW, you 'il wish you hadn't , prize for the games and ladies waited to fix yourself some low- will remember their secret sis- cost storm windows. Do it now[ MT. ADAMS EMBLEM CLUB Supreme officers were hon- ored Monday night at the an- nual Christmas party Honored the Odds and Ends of last the fact that it was repeated atwho came before noon to stay NOW IN KOREA guests were Sup. 2nd v.p. Na- week's paper, that concerned all was to comment on the ab- till evening. Special guests were Army 1st Lt. Wallace Stauf- dine Scott; Sup. Asst. Chap., the "sick" joke circulating a- surditv of It. I Susan Orpen, AFS student, ! fer 24, son of Mrs. Harold Yes- Laura Becks; Sup. Asst. Organ- ' " U round CHS. I am a student at And it is very certain that I Miss Sally Drinker, house ter, White Salmon, recently ist Marge Smith; Past. S p. CHS and feel justified and qual- the girls who were crying and guest of the Thomases for the  took part in Exercise Strong. press cur. Malee Gruen. A fort- ified in saying that th6e must the boys who stared at nothing weekend, Mr. and Mrs. George Shield, a field training maneu fly Christmas Party was arrang- have been a misunderstanding on that Friday did not enjoy the Thomas and Hal Broughton. veT to test combat readiness of[ ed down stairs with a gift ex- " i , ." " . s" t " " r a " " almon "e "aw f makm "wreaths and ma He enter " th.e halls on that fateful F "d y,  White S -- of co fee " g Puget Sound, Taco - I m sure he could never believo says A man is innocent until preparing a pot luck suppJr ed the Army in August 1960 / that paragraph. There was very proven guilty. Why then was, served when all got together a- and is now assigned to Head- / little talking and very sober fac- i Tom Little suspended from his gain. ! quarters Company of the 7th es, even red eyes. job as Deputy Sheriff before Den's tree is a beauty. It is Infantry Division's 3rd Brigade I personally,, was very hurt. tO!the charges were proved? I so dense it .canner be seen thru !in Korea. , read this. With the exception of I If and when these charges,and stand six and a half feet. [ -- m s= erhaps three or four, thereare proved, then would be the He climbed better than 75 feetlf, ADV l"Iftl?17 P . . .  . e -!1.  A[ q. t,t.#v J J L. wasn't even a shght smile. I proper tme to fire him. Seems,straight up to get it. I o DDft im#tTPn Nearly every student voiced i our Sheriff is a little hgh hana-[  :m s a .... 11 fJ ,SL, ZS . ersonal disgust at the distaste-led in his method of handling Rainbow Christmas Sale I Cadet Gary Keith Clouse ot pe nl Some refused to even. this case. Because last week's Rainbow White Salmon was recently pro- 't,"'ftr hearin the oven-' Arlie Knowlton meeting was cancelled because'meted to 2nd Lieutenant in. tne .............. of icy roads, members of the Air Force ROTC at the Umver- W. S. Assembly are asked to sity of Idaho, Moscow, where he make a special effort to get is a junior studying for a oe- their cookies, candy and gift i. [gree in business administration. terns to Chuck's Hardware first iGary's new duties will include thing Saturday morning, Dec. serving as administrative ofzic- , 14. *er. DON'T JUST TRANSFER TRASH; THROW IT AWAY! Moving trash and unused articles from home to gar- age or basement is no an- swer to preventing fires. Keep your home and sur- roundings as clean & dear as possible. While you're tidying and organizing the things in your home .... remember to do the same thing with your fire insurance. We will check it for adequacy . . . free. PHONE 493-3366 Whie Salmon. Wash. Portable TV  from ........................ $139.77 Table Models  from ..................... 189.95 Consoles  from ................................ 228.88 All hand-wired & transformer powered HII I Elgin Watch Co. 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