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Bingen, Washington
April 7, 1939     Mt. Adams Sun
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April 7, 1939

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IVk(;E FOUR A.".&apos; INDEPENDENT /1OMF NEWSPAPtR Pubtis md every l.'riday mornlng and issued from the ;'osiofllt:es tf Binffen and White &dmon, Washington II. MI('.HAEI,SON PublCsher and Editor ,  ,Mli,tJ  u,: ..... Business Managel l:ridav :\\;1)i"it 7. 19-;9 POPULARIZING THE MT. ADAMS AREA "th,\\;\n al``m: the i:xel"reen I tihway are h,(d<hlg f{)rwall tlli> year t(, tlw lar.cst /,*ilYibt ,;',!i.,Oll ii1 li>tor 3 , alld ValiOu, llltlllici- t,alities arc nlaking notable iml)rovements h,AiHg to the service {,f the expected increase ill 1,uli,.i trade. The first rca>un [or this auticilm:Cd acti-'itv, i:, l{/e ;tll t:lallci::,ct fair. 'J'}?' \\;\;l> c'iO %!DC i'r()l-eys (' HllllllS-;itHl i:. ',e,,til:1 - nlnc! .,,lergy t acquainting tile :!lgt:,c> tf tilt" e:tstt'l-ll and middle states wilo xi>it the fair tilt t!mir Irip will have lecn i I,``,nq/,.'tc ulls th<y visit \\;Va>hln'ton ,i:,:. "t'ligt! t F(al lnHnlmr f thc.;e visitor xxi;] use llle I::,c1grccl/ lix'hxxa 3 .te.t,cs withmtt "]'!m it i:q thai the plans uf hc;d people for n;,1l, in the "(;ai,.'wax to the Nit. Adams t{':'! (';tl{{lll;l] ,\\;r{2;l" xv][h a e(lllSp{Clltlus alld atlr:wtive si,.rn is timely. That lhe scenic I)(':tlllics ()f IIw Mr..\\;dams district have never l:c,,qt adummt,'lv featured is evitent. (Tel"lain il i> lhaI MI. Adams is conqmrabh' to lhe bet ,,f ,,1her \\;inler piayR'roml'.ls thai are bein K f('tlttl";'ft {hrcitlIlOll[ t!l'a llallol:t. Thell, too, !he ]'e:illlics dllrillL .;llllllYler are such that limri,d, w]1,, \\;wmhl '%ee America first" cannot affrd (, nilus. ['nt!er ll'wse cil"CUlllSi;illces literature descriptive c,f tile Nit. A(lam area miL:!lt wiih lovat profit be made available to ,m-mlin;g l,mrits while they are at sufficient distance to eml-le them tn make plans 1o slop wvr fro" a day or {w,. Then the c(Hlspit'uous ;i,,n t( lm cmstructed would t)oint the way and brmllv id,,ntifv Binen and \\;Vhite Sal- mm aq lwh., h,-;le,1 where they are---at "tile (h, tewax I,) 3.1i. Adams." CHARGING IT TO THE BABIES I'edur:ll :;iatistimns give the cheering in- inmatim llm' every baby born in this c,mntl-v :t> (f the present comes into tile world l:,urde!/cd with a debt of $32(I upm which it lllust pay interest and, eventually, lhe princi- pal. IhH the national delt is fast alproaching the limit--and, when thitt limit is reached, lllen wllat? The answer is that then must either be repudiation or a degree of lmblic (%:()ilOllly l!ot heretofore kllowll. Ill tile llleall- time. the Am{q'ican pe(;ple, with 11,0001000 p,tenlial lweadwimers out of work. seem to 1,t c(,/Icclivelv ctmsthlg with little thought of the inevitahte paytinle ...... O Time was when we looked for robins its evidence of the arrival of sprinL*. Now we watch for the coming of the trailers OF HELP TO APPLE GROWERS It is expected that American al)lfle growers will materially lencfit from this country's new tladc tre;ll) arl-allMClllclll, with the t'nited IZingd,m undvr xvllich tariffs imposed ;taillst .\\;lllCliCall al)l)le:, Jm\\;'e 1)cell rc(luced al)(,qlt t'i:2"lH per cellt, thus impr()x hi M" the con> pctitive losition of the .\\;meric:_ul product ill 1)o/ ninety-two per cent of our al)l)le, ex- ports went to the l:illited Kingdom mostly to l(ngland. \\;Ve read that there are sixtevn c,mnties of \\;V tshington that will particula,'l> htnefittcd hv Ill(' treaty chang-e, incuding Klickilat county. -O- THE NEW MARRIAGE LAW In the news cdtunns of this paper will be found a brief explanation of tile t)rovisions f \\;Vtslington's new .'three-day" marriage law which will lKcOllle effective Seplemlwr 1. The purp(se of the law i> ohx'ims. Surely. t)Cl-S()lls Who l(:;tlize llla.t ;l lllarria'e colltrael is the most hnpwtant dliq'ation that either 1111,t1 or wolllan call undertake cqn have II(1 ,,t,ieclion t(} waiting tllree days for a lic('nse after having ma(le apl)lieation therefore. There is much truth in the ohl adage--too often ignored--which warns that "to marry in baste is to repent at leisure." O BETWEEN US LIARS I.UCKY "J,Mn, John, wake up. TherCs somebod': creel)ing up tile stairs." "Yeah ? \\;Vhazza time?V "It's half past two." "\\;\'ell, thank .oodnt.s, its not me this time. v S 1  l 1' I. I F Y I N(; T H F. O R I) E R (;ive me a glass of milk and a mutterer buff in." "You mean a buffered mttin." "No, t mean a muffered buttin." :'\\;Vhy not take doug'l'.nuts and milk?" ON PATRICK HENRY /\\; l)oves composition on Patrick Henry: "l'atrick tt'm)ry was not a bright boy. He had blue eyes and light hair. He got married and said: "Give me liberty or give nit death" ACCOMMOI)ATIN(; Old ].ady : "You don't chew tobacco, do you little l)ov ?" Little Boy : "No, Mare, lint I c(mld let you have a cigarette."' 'A(iAINST AD\\; EI,,'I ISING "\\;Vhy won't you advertise?" asked the re- presentative of a newspaper of a man in a small way of Imsiness in a small town. Beeau.e I'm agin' advertisin'." tl W m:w answered. "But why are you against it'?" "It don't leave a man no tune.' was the re-- ply. "I advertised wunst last smnmer and the consequences wus I wus so lmsv ! didn't have thne to go, fishing the whole seas, n!" ...... Ilrl T-L Ill[ 7:-7 .................................................. Ill Ill l Illlllllllll " - I " Illllllllllll .... CHEVROL00:'r .. i. I low.priced car combininq "All Thatk Best at Lowest Cost" IN SALES The biggest Jolting 19119 model car In Amarlae--and moro than that--tha biggest selllnll car for sovon out of the klt eight yoarsl The Mt. Adam:: Sun ALONG SNOWDEN ROAD Thc r,a,1 Mladcr m'tdc it h,1] pt,misvd 11"{ I) (\\;cr [)()ls(.\\; alld ](re, o-man road !;tsl Vridav. whicil was duly ;ipl>rccialcd l>v those ll/OSt cmcelned. \\;Ve aru .l\\;*t'll t* understand 1lilt this is mlv a small Salnl)le t,f m(re and iett('r work to come. as a lare quan- tit)" oi rock has been located in this immediate vicinity, of a (lua[ itv grivin. prcmlise as hein bie.h- 1\\; suitable for crushing for road- building, in which case \\;v(' caIl reas(mal)lv expect rcal lOads fH" 71i- i'ig]lln'i>;(l --reason'al)ly" x,. n-- so here's hophlg Norman T,uward and Mr. l',,_(;l)- erts left eccntlv oll a l)llsilless trip to southern ()reoun. Fva Smith. with P, abv Dawn. accmlp- anled them as far as Portland for a visit with friends amt relatives there \\;Ve extend hest wishes for a pleasant trip. Mr. and Mrs. I.ouis McKenzic and tb.eir sm, ( ;l,.'nn. accmHmnied Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Marsh and family totbehm]eof Fred Ram- st,y. tm mountain last Smdav afterm>(m on a ul)rise visit., but unlike most uprise visits, it turned out very nicely as Fred and his family were not ot]lx" at home but celebrating JHI HH Real Estate Insurance C.H.Estes And Company Abstract Surety Bonds NOTARY PUBLIC ABSTRACT & TITLE ". GUARANTY COMPANY \\;Yhile Saimon Phone 192 Fred's birthday almivcrsar\\; ;is well. :l day ahead ()f tinle. A" real 1)]casalt tilne was enj(Lxe,l by all. X*``>. his exact .to'e was not divulved. .\\;n\'(lle wishin.< t() see a small sawmill really Vo to town, sh(mhl ])ay' a visit to't l tacker 1.,lamp wlu:n it is opcratinu;. "l'h,se fcl lows arc good. Bill l'errv is doino- his sprin plowing. Mrs. Jess .Marsh. and sons. 1)onahl Allen age two and Rob- ert (;one, aKe five months, re- turned Monday from a ten (lax"s visit with her 1)arents, Mr. and M*rs. John Caudel, of Boring. Oregon. They also visited with other relatives includin her ";ristcr and brother-in-law, Mr. and t lrs. Mike ()ustcroard of Xorth] Friday, April 7, 1939 I I TO SELL ',M- With An Ad [ll[i[[l[lIi[[![iI[lll[llllilllililllliltllH[Illli When in Bingen Make Your Headquarters at Brown's Cate lcnd, ()regtm and her l)aternal i r:,n(lfather, Mr. ('audel. of Kal- isl)cl. Montana, \\;vlionl she had I 11',1[ SCull for ;,L])ollt tell Ye:3.r,. t They acc(mH)anied hinl as i'ar as' \\;Vhite Salmon on his way home. "[[1iIijiiiiiiiiiliiiiii!! WHERE "TASTE TELLS" EST QUALITY FOODS Never Closed Pennsylvania TIRES Guaranteed Up to 30,000 Miles Batteries $4.80 and upwards LUBRICATION BUD'S Service Station Bingen, Wash. ;@tllli'llP]lllillllillill]lltlllUlllllltlllllll llllllllllll]ltlltlllllltllli',!lllllliillll]llllllllllltllllill / I11ti IN PERFORMANCE 7 DON'T be misled by fuel econ- for years. Joh Deers owners emy that is measured in gallons, use low-cost fuel day after day, It's faster on the getaway. , . it's botter on the hlllJ.., and a much better all-round performer.., than other cars In Its field. IN FEATURES Ixdvtivo Vlawm gourlh|fl Now Aoro.ilnam  Now iodlo0 by Phkor * New Longer Ridlng.lknlo Chevrolet's Fqlmov0 Yadvo-ln-Heald lib( IIqH'fm, qrl'od i, lydrmAk hkeo Now nObrvetlon ts" VIslblllly Perfoeted Kno IhllnI Iiy,ll,eu  ,aal IN VALUE Dollar for dollar, foaturo for foaturo, car for ear, it givos you moro for your money than any othor car In its price _ range--thanks to Chovrolet's volumo Ioadorshlp. ,,-,,,.o,o,,, ............... .1 . J : ;:::: 7. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::_ .... II.J]/LII ] _L.Z ...... :::::::::::::::::::::::: Hunsaker Che00;rrolet Co. There's only one true measuring stlck--tliat's dollars and cents. It's the gallons of fuel used, multiplied by the cost per gallon, that determine your per-acre cost. When you measure fuel econ- omy as it should be measured, John Deere Tractors are the real economy champions because they successfully burn fuel that costs from one-third to one-half less than gasoline. Saving money by burning low- cost fuels is nothing new to ohn Deere users. They have een saviog real money on fuel month after month, throughout the life of the tractor. Remember--when you buy et John Deere, you're not getting a one-fuel tractor. If the occa- sion demands it, you can burn gasoline and kerosene as well as the low-cost, money-saving fuels. We have a little booklet you will want to read, entitled "Stretching Your Fuel DollaxJ  It's yours for the asking. COME IN AND GET THIS LOW-COST FUEL STORY WHITE SALMON, WASHINGTON - t PHONE 36X Franzen & James LYLE, WASHINGTON. it t