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Bingen, Washington
April 7, 1939     Mt. Adams Sun
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April 7, 1939

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FRIDAY, APRIL 7, 1939 MT. ADAMS SUN COMIC S;E -"ION_ . i &apos; } ':i  AROUND THE HOUSE ] Cutting Cooking Time.- The cooking time of hominy grits, whole-grain cereals or rice can be shortened 5y soaking over night in water tocover. Chilling Canned Goods.--Since paper acts as an insulator, paper wrappers should be removed from canned goods before placing the ns in the refrigerator to chill• Improving Whipping Cream.-- When whipping cream for des- serts or salads add three marsh- mallows cut in four pieces each to a half-pint of cream and whip until the desired stiffness is ob- tained. The marshmallows will whip into the cream and you will find it much lighter and fluffier as well as having a fine flavor• $ $ $ That's the Spirit.--Silk stockings can be preserved if, when new, they are soaked in methylated spirit fer five minutes, then hung up in the air until the smell has evaporated• This treatment makes them ladderless for a long time and the good work will be further carried on if a line of machining HOW So SEW Ruth Wyeth Spears _ ,/ / --. ]l "----lt..__, - I OSPt'4E5{  -- is run around the top just below Embroidery by Mary Ann, age nine. •   "-kjC /'___ /=li--  =-=-7 I - --  ]-<:--._]- :-- L -- " ------. - '- f" .___''" [  ----'=------= _  " '--t't'#˘2 " I the "suspender line." ARY ANN was named for her drawing around coins and the flow. " grandmother, who at the age t . ' //AA ,._It_ i -Jit L, _, (/v ____7/(....__ ' -- A Svotless Tu; ZBaths can be ers were embroidered as show made -svotlesslv clean if rubbed of nine, made an elaborate sam- here. Stems were done in outlinl #fl, ,) ,?_ ?1/ /---::-:" II v\\; ] 'tj 17 -'.  r' . with" ac'ol th dipped'- m'' paraffin be- pier of embroidery stitches. Ev- stitch and leaves in groups o - - _i  x. -- [ '. _ -   ** F fore washin them in the usual eryone thought it would be nice if straight stitches. ;/ '-'" J I I".,,"-'" ,4).J  . wa,, while l'emon uice and salt the modern Mary Ann could also From the many attempts on that wfll'take off "drin marks." do a bit of hand work to be framed piece of gingham, two fower "  I1: . .-, and kept. We here report, thanks groups had almost as much lifo Let Youngsters Learn.It is the to u series of rainy afternoons, and charm as the modern Mar,] ; - a: i i ,est plan to allow young people this was actually accomplished. Ann, age nine. These were neatly i =00lae to manage their own money, after IVlary Ann's mother started the framed and lend a gay note at ( --  handing over a fixed sum for their project with a rather large piece each side of an old mirror. '"-''  "-  keep. In this way they learn the of blue gingham; a pair of era- NOTE: Book I, Gifts, Noveltie value of money and are encour- broidery hoops and some odds and and Embroidery, gives full in- aged to save, thus giving them a nds offbright six strand mercer- structions for ninety embroidery . ˘cor, w. to. .) | [ :" good training for future responsi- ized embroidery thread. Outlines stitches with many sketches show- bilities, for flower designs wer made by ing ways to use them. You and • - your children may have happy | ' I ONlY DIINI CNIPAGNU- 1 ] w'r DOYO ' hours with this fascinating hand I Ii oN XTRA SPECIAL I I .€,u. gXfl.  l .......  "work. Book I, SEWING, for th# _ , ' • ,, o I ASKlvIE 00.P00'Wtt]z.A00sw.en$ I HomeDecorator:contains48com.  Jxxe=ng ='ZornzOn J ers, draperies, bedspreads and Ot VaIou$ u]3 eCtS many other things for the house. moo , yp C I a- O = _ , . The Questions I Goodwin lightship in the English let, reviving interest in this old- . J channel on January 23, 1899. The time hand craft, is included .--, I 1 What is the highest denomi- I old C. Q. D. signal was used• The FREE. Address, Mrs. Spears, 210 nJion of u. s. postage stamp now [ rw of the R. a: Mat,hews, w.ich S. Desplaines St., Chicago, m. used v /naa run agrouna, was rescues. Jp 2 inwhatcityis f°undthel°nff'/ 9" The 16-inch guns which will WlsdO ' ere&'' 9 " jbe used on the new battleships, • • est street• J ........ To retire is not to flee, and ........ , --Ithe wasnmgton and zne orth there -'- n- wisdom -" w-,'in- s. wna is a metapnor• A • s u m a g • . Carohna, are the largest rand most • slle  _. . when danger outweighs hope, and • powermi guns on any war vessel • • . wa h famil name of • . it is the part of wine men ,opts- Romeo? • of -uliet i ..............  ...........  ........ - rl J ] K I '  un.:.. " ;. .: . m .. J vv:pouna projecmes o,uuu row, and not risk all in one day.-- ! I I I  WVI-IN I DRINI41 I I .'iI. ball celebrate this year? J I0. New York university, New ........... C, J4AMAN  lighthouse in the United States? l Callfornia (Berkeley), 25,530; Col- | VI|  ' 7. What is the largest flawing liege of the City of New York, LlJi lltilIDl rill[ • spring in the world? [New York city, 23,306; Ohio State , io Amuinl R.lil o _ 8-When and from where was I university, Columbus, Ohio, 17,411, na_monDulto tnlv ÷o + ,,,im ..... u t sea sent? [ and Columbia umverslty, New  -€ j l. r. are largest guns on ,=, ivort• _ _.___ ..... - a 25 D0g  N]g ffol o 19. Which five universities m the I  , rlthout   Mak, t u,t_-- lly . " . United States have the largest I | .al?l:' T A |'lk"= ' ,,%,  t= , . we .m J. Millar Watt ................... ,l .  T.•l III I. The $5 stamp is the largest, lIT BEGINS to look as though 'T 2• Los Angeles--Figueroa street/ x maybe we humans are second , ,, 9w  --27.5 miles long. I cousins to the chickens when it  a 3. Unexpressed comparison; tx-/comes to crossing the road. The -i-'cee" o'"ne c =- reco -I-- ' pressed comparison, t Of 7,250 pedestrians killed dur- oi,..,--.i..' r,.= " "" S 4 Montague and Capulet. /lng 1937 in traffic accidents that ..... '--'=='" ' .• ........ /occurred in cities, says the Na- '' o. Am ltann anmversary. I tional Safety council, in its 1938 U, m 8. It is the lighthouse at Nave- / edition of "Accident Facts," 85 per [IUW II%l,lllllg sink, N. J., which uses 9,000,000/cen t were struck while crossing • VI_'_i__=A__ candlepower. | the road. ifl/nelr 4u s 7. Silver springs in Florida hasJ About 2,900 persons were injured --.. l=u=.=& U.. a registerea volume of flow OJ fatally while crossing a street l[i[[i I[,[[-[; [[I 801,000,000 every 24 hours aria is[ somewhere BETWEEN intersec- - .... for= ---- conceded the largest flowingJtions" Approximately 3,260 met 'gvtommum T _ ,'I  ter flows from it eve.ry 2fi hours. .I they were crossing the intersec- :b:,,a&a*, ram,, suppty eacn person m me unites / tion with the traffic signal, against 6,t mo I al.r. g = States wit five gallo h It • _. | the signal, diagonally, or were E. ia[m = Vegta Compound, md, is the only stream navigable to| crossing an intersection at which u',.ILi..Nat.u  • C .   • ,, t  1  Its very sour e. J there was no traffic signal. Dead- 'v''o enjOY I0 and  eglm[ 8 The first wireless distress call|ly and tragic work at the cross- ILttT*rvand. urbl....Pto__.ta.t • - " "" -- -'r --" o,, 8cco.mDanyeza,,=e oz me. w-, , at sea was sent xrom me asastl oaasl WORTH TRYnqGI R i WITHOUT ANYTHING "I was given a book with posi- tively no sense in itl" "So was I--without cents either." "What was yours?" "A uocketbook/' All Business ] British Guide (showing places of interest)--It was in this room that Lord Wellington received his first commission. I American Tourist (suddenly inter- ested)--How much was it? Obliging Husband--You have bought the $10 hat when I liked the $5 one l I CUT TO MEASURE NN˘5-'.:--- - I better• , Bug--Tee, hee, why should I w0r- Wife--Yes, dear, but just to please, ry about the coal shortage, when you I bought the $5 one as well.-- i here is a nice box of stove wood Portland Express. ] already cut? THANKS, I DO --AND ! GET A ENJOY A MILD BIG THRILL FROM CIGARETTE CAMEL'S RICH, RIPE FLAVOR TOO!