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February 16, 1961     Mt. Adams Sun
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February 16, 1961

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4 " MTo ADAMS SUN " Thursday, February 16, 1961 Published every Thursday Morning at Bingen, Washington. Entered as 2nd class maer at the posioffice in Bingen, Washington, under the act of March 3 1897. Subscription: S2.50 yr. {Klickilat & Skamania) -- $8.00 (Elsewhere) Editors and Publishers Leon W. Berry, Bingen -- Bernard Polio:d, White Salmon GANDERS SAYS LYLE HEARING MOST IMPORTANT EVER At the request of State Repre- sentative Frank Bouillet, chair- man of the state legislature's House Education Committee, County School Supt. G'ace Ferry called an emergency meeting of school organizations and individuals in- terested in education in Lyle Mon- day night, Feb. 13. The meeting was to hear pro- visions of House Bill No. 325 which proposes to reorganize ex- .isting County School Superinten- dents' offices into Regional Ser- vice Areas. The lengthy bill was read by County Supt. Ferry and explain- ed by Jim Spalding, Bickleton school board director and mem- ber of the State Board of Educa- tion. Audience opinion was divided for and against the proposed bill. No decision was reached at the meeting but those presert were urged to convey their personal conclusions to their legislators in Olympia. Strong opposl,tion to House Bill 325 was expressed in a letter from former State Senator Stanton Gan- ders of Bickleton who has author- ized publication of excerpts from his letter. Slanton Ganders HELD IN COUNTY support of the State School Dis- tricts Association. These proponents do not attempt to show the taxpayers any econ- omy in this wierd and compli- cated system. Some of the boost- ers admit that it will cost the tax- payers more "Many small county superinten- dents cannot be blamed for ad- vocating this departure rom the traditional "American system. "Some have been promised pc)- sitions situated in their old coun- ty offices, acting in a sub-capacity under the regional office and re- ceiving a better salary than at present. "Under the bill other and all superintendents, along with their present personnel, are promised jObs in .the regional office ,if this bill .passes. "I also want to point out that it has .been the goal of certain people .to gain more revenue for schools by eliminating *he County Assessor. This is a greater threat today than ever. This is the open- ing wedge. "As a man three pre- school children to educate and as a person who represented you for nine years in the Washington State Senate, I ,have watched ,this attempt to take school and taxing "Although it is impossible for control away from the people me to attend this meeting on such I "Spenders want this bill, bttti short notice, I consider it to be the t their real objective is to eliminate most important hearing ever held local control over county assess- in KlickRat county. I ors. Such a .move has been gain-: "W " " " " o elmunate .any doubt as to ling momentum ,n the Legmlature my position on H. B. 325, let me for years. state that I concur wRh J. W. Goodpaster, county superintendent of Mason County who described this bill as 'the most vicious piece of legislation ever promulgated a- gainst the citizens of this state'. 'The latest available draft of the bill would reduce the number of County Superintendents from 39 to 13. It would take away lo- "I am a 48-year resident of Klickitat county. I have taken full advantage of the educational fac- ilRies of our state and will be I eternally grateful to the taxpayers I and forward-minded people who I made this possible. "As a farmer, taxpayer and ex- legislator I thoroughly believe in more and better education, but to cal cortrol and place more con- quote from the Washington State i erol of schools and school funds t Grange .News: 'Never 'before has in the 14-member State Board of so much money .been spent on F-xlucation I schools and probably never before "This expensive, central'izing 't has there been so many complaints grandiose scheme emanates from about the kind of education the the State Board of Education with children are .getting.' " ALL 6TH GRADERS IN COUNTY WILL TAKE TIMBER TOUR ON MA Y 11TH The fo, urfh, ,ann ttal Conseva. t iort Day for all sixth graders in KlJddtat County will be hem Thuday, My 11 at Lattrel. The field trip will cove. rrmm] phas. es of timoer prodction' an con- servation. PIanrig finis year's tour Is already well underway, l:mr. teen key members of the Klick- itat County Canserwflon miee met lan. 31 at I..le high school. Ten cooperating agermibs were .represented: fine Dept. of laur, al Resources, Klickitat County SChool Superinede, SI Lum bet Co., J. Neil urnlber Co. (Di. vision of St. Regis, Boise), Cas- cade Corporation, U.S. Forest Service, U. S. Indian ervice, i Soil C0seation and C_unty Extension Servk, and: he ICllekiat Cou,ty Sherflf's of- tire. Clrles I-iffht of the Dept. of Na.tu,ral Resources at Glerwood electec dairman. Mrs. e Forty, unty school su- peritensn% wa retained as metavy. -  Glewood 4.It Cltb will serve ,as gides and the Glen- wooc Women's C1u,b ha volun. teered to act as guide ha@er- one. County Supt. Grace Ferry will mall educational m,aterial to each smol  order that each teacher may acquai.nt pupils with the cotent and purpose of Cortservation Day. This program, fwtioh .began in i, has t.acted wide Imte- est a,'rd imitation in ofin Ore- gn and W, ashirgton. Each year the tou.r is better manage ad )resented tltan the year before. IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU, TO0! The Unexpected Can Wipe Out Your Savings Law suits . . . loss of home and possessions from fire . . . medical expenses for accident or illnes . . . these are the things that wan bring financial ruin! And hey van happen to you tool No One can ARord To Be Without Insurance r Hy3-3366 White Salmon " I IIII I [ IIII I I TO BE MARRIED A T HOQUIAM FRIDA Y Mi Linda Oarl:le, daughter of 3&r. ai Mrs. Nonrmn Ca$,ITle (ee Mary Alice Thomas) and nax,er of Mrs. I:nnie Thorna of W1bAte Salmon wi'H be manied at 8 pan. Friday, Fdb. 17 a ghe Fi'st Umited Preebter- ia Chumh in Hoquiam to CrayOn Keel% son of Wr anrd Mrs 'PaulKoeh of Shelon. Miss-CarlyAe is a gadate of Quinaul  shool a,nd at- tended C, vay Warbor'-- College. Her i'e  a gdate of St. artn'S CalVe and: is present- ly a, Quinau lager I)istrict ENgineer, As predicted in last week's column, there have beev a num- ber of heerigs this week that have generaec both "h.oat" and "light". The bill on Green Stamps, the &tea Service ,bill the apprriation hearing 0r Education  to ame a few. The budgetary hearimg$, under the able direction of Senator Frank Foley, are still going on and it w,ll be the fast few day, s o the Sessi before this phase of the IdgislatPee @rocesses are com- plete. This session las pin,pointed, as never ,before, the need for Annual Sessions which we have avocated for so long. There is- a'% enoth time to do justice to the many complex problems con cern,ag State Government in a 60-d,ay seion once every two years. It ray become necessary to ga into a special session at the end of this regula session ie order to straighten out the bud- gebary ,problems. A concerted, efort 'ill no dottbt be made to sttbmit fine graduated net ino0ne tax to the voters for appr0'al or rejection. "Whether or tot this attempt will be sucoesshl is sffll pr0blemati- cat at this stage. A1 as sirally honored a couple @a.ys ago When he was orm,ally presented with a h, and !made ironwood !gavel. This sil- ver mounted ergrved symbol of is oice of l,mldent Pro-tern as presented by ormer Senator Framk Jaelon of Seafle. Se. ator Jackson sewed in the Wash i, ngton State Senate in 19Z1 and.', althoug{h mo lender a member, he st11 bounces .arround these marble hals in the inYerest of the 40-vnill tax ,limit like a teen. ager. 'Tvi the fiel} of Eduea}ion, we ha.'z, been deluged i letters lvi su,pprt of adequ, ate SChool. W .feel certain tla our many friends: .at home are vell avare of our strong support over the years and they cam be assured th, a% this support wll be con- tiued. Among the many fine groups of sdnts visiting the Sessio this past week, we were espec- ially 'hppy to ,greeY ae i0 stu. ders from Steareson aceomam led by Mr. Credos, Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Frizzell and Mrs. Keene. iT"he lood of bills belg Intro- duced is nww at the crest atd there is little dotSbt that the number will exceed that of las sion. -- SO qlYN t@ Mrs. Clarence Bangert arrived home early t,ts week ,fv0rn Se- afle wlhere she care4 for thor gimndh.ildren vh'le .theiT ,l:ar- ents v,re  Oafma, BAD EXAMPLE IS SET FOR SCOUTS Jtkte  Booher The G lenood GiN Scouts went on a trip ast veeek. Mrs. Willie Ta,hara Showed us the correct way'to set a table for breml'a.t ,and dinner. The :[low-. er cen,;.rpiece was very pretty. Next we went to Mrs. H, ill's who howed us a buffet set.ring. Then we wen to ,Mrs. Bill Ward's who shd us settings for lunch and di,n,ar. Then she set a zery bad ex- ample and; iliad bhe girls the mishakes. We thank rs. ahara, Irs. Vvad an@ Vbs. :I-ill for ftxirg the afble sett,igs. Republicans Will Look at Selves iFollowng a n, trend the Repulbl*iPan arty is holding meetings to @ave post-el,ection :leaks at fnermseltes, to deter- !mine twa oan:ization they haw  within their ranks and wlat they will need for the fu- The West Klicki,a County Ropblans are holdig such m eetfrtg Thurclay Feb. 23 at 8 p.m. at ,II0$C. Some paty mem/bers feel that persons te not deCLaring them- seles prty menbers and are not filing for candidacy on the county and tte levels becau,e they do not geel the patty is well oranlzed for proper back. ir with thedr own county. Leaders hope .that aH Re,publ,i- an an ltereSted persons ill declare themselves and attend ,this meeting. Women's Part In Operation Under- Standing Planned - VI,:,s. Omer Ohnemus announc- ed t:h',m week that pla'.ns for co- opemtirg with the men of St. Joseih's Parksh on Operation Un derstandi,ng ,are progressing ac. cording to schedule. As general elairm.n of the women's acutr- ies tMrs. Ohn, emus a, pp;n,ted ls. Fred Wood, es. Nrank SWeeey an,d aIrs. Re:no Ziegler as hostesses ffor that @ay. These women long with oUhes will serve ,rreshrnen in the base- ment of St. Joseth's Church a.f- ter the men of the 'parish :h,ave taken the visitors o the tour of the chuA. Men Carke, Curt Stbbins and Fred' Wood will serve as" guides On Otnation U,der- sta,intg accordvg to iHugh S'hd'elds, ee1 cladrman. Other men wil} exp]ai the various parts of the church. They will be Wes Cox, Veze Newell, A Ma-. vin" n, Fmnes Anderson. For th(e ho seek rue*her i.l- there will be a pnel of men  of I-IemT Lets Leonard Gnaam ad Reno Zieg- ler. All of the people of the area, reg,rdless of race, creed or color re in,Red to take art l this Open I-luse program at St. Jo. se1Ifs ChurCh n Sunday af- ternoo . 26. ERNEST HAMILTON AT MAPNE DEPOT 3rarine pfe. Eraest R Hamil-, t(m of Lyre l serving wFvh the 0mmunicstion Elect. choal Baalon at %he Maffne Corps Rcruit Depot, Sn Diego, Calif EMBLEM CLUB Monday eein,g the Emrblem Cluib entertained with a Valen- tine party. Sloppy Joe harrbur. ers were ser,ed vith salads stlp'ied by the mebers and d ec0.vted d,essevts were auc- tio'ne, d a@ter the m,eetiTtg. The .By.lw weee read and a. dopted. The fo10irtg nomixat- ing com}ltee vals elected: %alee Gruen, ch,a.irman, Ntar. .gret DdW,il.d,e, Lau,ra Becks, RtSby Lai'rhart :nd Marie Krps. A repot from the Vays and RVIeans coenn.ittee ,gartered spon. sori.ntg a money t,ree in the near future. There are 12 memlbers now .ac. tve in the dLl,1 leam. Six or eght more wuld make a .bet- er showirtg. Emblem club card pa,rty, Feib. 24 in ire Reblah dinin, g hall. Nick Meaney Has Slight Setback Tom N,0rdby and! Buck Dean ca.fled on Nick Meaney ThuTs. day, Feb. 9. Nick has ibeen a h6a,t ad diaJbetic patient at Barnes Veterans I-Rxspital, Va.n. cottver, since December 1958. ,Nick was ale to ge out of bed and walk a little, in spite of a :recent setback. Prior to that he .hlad shcvn a remarlble recov. ery and had been able to spend som 5v, eeends a home with his wie an.d auhter in Van- couver. Last Wednesday Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hen,kle of , Iowa r- rived i PortMmd. e they were met by their son Dr. "va:ne Henle. They llan to stay sev- eral weeks at la,t. THANKS FOR EVERYTHINIi! GEORGIE AND DICK REAKSECKER announce that they have sold THE LITTLE STEAl HOUSE in Bingen to ARCHIE & ARETTA FRITCHEY We Wish them Well " and Recommend them to All our Friends and Patrons. 3o :SUN S@ A girl should be happy of she THANKS A(]AIN! loves and is loved  preferably by the same nan. w  ".,-vv'. 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