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February 16, 1961     Mt. Adams Sun
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February 16, 1961

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fiLENW00D NEWS W. M. Dls The GlenSvood Youth Group is,g ,an evening o2 square d,ancing at he nange Hal,l Feb. 21, )egdmaitag at 7:30 :sh4atp. Mu- sic i,v:ill be urni&apos;Shed by ,records. The Gvan,ge Youth Co m,mittee is in charge. Glenwood Home-rakers ._X a sewSng Class, that will continue fpr the next six weels, will ,be- gin next Thursday, F, ab. 16, at the school house. VIs. Steve Hoodenpyl, Vlrs. Ch, arles H.aiht, Mrs. Jack SChudtz and Mrs. Ben Turner are its cha.rge and any- cue wntirg irfformation bout the class ma.y call any one of them. Three tables wexe fillled at the pinochle tparty aeld at the Grange Ha]Jl last Friday even- in,g. High wen:t to Agnes `Miller and' ft. L. Pierce. Mi,ldred. DeVries and Harry Wiile t<xk second. Pie:co and Miller also received the trvelinN prize. The rnext pary will be Feb. 18. Interest in a uv.entle rarge for Glenwood is axraJ`ble and a pa,rtial ltst of names 'hms ,been sent to the State Deputy to begin xtitutfiag he aroanatton. A]l p0uta,g.sers, between 5 ad 14 years, along with their par- ents qll be in, ted to ,a meeting later. There wilJl be rto 0hool on Feb. 22 Washiffton's :btrth6ay. Dota't forget the fbaskethall tournament in O01d'endale, Feb. 18 and 17. Glenwood and Trout Lake are tied for 2nd atad 34 W. S. Sun6ay. places. MPs. Her*ira Pirr2an left /Mot. The Glenmood school boar4 diay to spend a few days with will d,inputs adu,lt education ,at her duughter and anilty,, Mrs. the next meting. Juanita Ross in Philoma.h, Ore. The Glenwood  meeting .a's one of the largest off the year. Yam Spaldttag spoke on pop. sable Ibifil$ in flhe legislature in Olympia. LYLE NEWS (Marcella Stine) isi?2ng M,r. atad :lVrs. Olaf Baker, Sunday, were his brother an@ wie, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Baker of a'vre, `Monttana, his sister Mrs. Jenny Ftste,r of Oak, N. D., his lrother aad amily the E. O..Balkers of ,Vancouver, h, eir dau,gh,ters Mrs. Loren &linson and children of T. D. and Mr. and Mrs ,Harold Lewis amd Bruce o,f Bin gen and the,i.r son Ca,rl and' Lo,uise Baker of Lyle. Mrs Foster flew 'back to Nch Do. lota Mondray b,ut the Adolph Ba,kers wil.1 stay a tow more days 'Linda ad Viekey Curl spet rhe eeke!nd with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cur,1. VI,rs. Ha,old So renlsen went to Portland Wedaead,ay and risitecl Mr. and tMrs. C. ,R. Cooksl,ey. Thursday morni ng she and Cam,ma Clar picked u,p Byrd Clark at t Vineens hospital and hroulght him home where he is com,caaeseig. ,Mr. and Mrs. ;Bob c.Muvrin and children visited relatives in Complete, Expert art x  , ]   ' l I ! l C BINGEN - WHITE SALMON AGENT FOR OTTO BYERS PONTIAC, GMC, BUICK k TEMPEST SALES AND SERVICE COLUMBIA {iARAGE A. E. (DOBIE) COX PHONE HYatt 3-4303 aYlvs. Oscar ,Molten was sur- *psed Sulnday whe:n her con and, his w2e, Mr. atad Hen- ry Kure a n,d Grandson Mr. and Mrs. Daae Kure and' ,three ChLl&- .ren of Wapato brought Sunday d,itaner down to enjoy wih her. Other guests wre Ms'. aand Mrs. Byrd. ClaT, .Mrs. Al,rana Davies and Mrs. Edith Sorertsen. -- 30 SUN 30 B- Z CORNERS Geo. Cravvod ,and Miaudie W,ilson of Glenwood vere guests at rhe Fred ansier home. Vir. a!nd Ms. El,vil, le Wa,ll and .Mr. and .M:rs. Bi:lly Vau,ghaa of Portand were guests of he Gne Vaulgains. ,Mr. and Mrs. Ray Verley were in Porttand M,0inday. ,I)ca and lara Warner are the parents of a Y0n born Mon- day. ,Lands Warner is black home from a trip to, Idaho ,where she did some speciM work for the Western Fish Nutitiotx La'b It has been so wet here at the Corners that unless you are a duck you a,re hta@oy to stay i. side. Neal and Mrs. Womack ha,e been paintimg and redecor. ating their home. Also, industri. pus way Arla Henderson who re- painted the interior of her home this week. ome o2 her childret came to heap. _ Jdmmy and Pt Mays vent t0 Prlan:d to watch aTl ice bockey g, ame at the Coliseum. Pat says you h ae to wtch those seats ,then you gt up to ye.ll. [ Los Duhvlop eaterta4ned her pinochle clu`b this Vtedes- dlay. lr,es were von by Orletta V.augilan, 0rena Troutt .and Boots Sgvinkle. [Mr. and. Mrs..M'calma from Ken,eick stayed the weekend with he }Pa Beasleys. 1Vr. and 1Vvs. Ia H.}LI were in P oztland and Gastota. This was avry Hills ekenct to come home from school. {Bertha Chemaey was taken to the .hospital but her doctor says she will soon be ale co come home. Elza and Mffmle Ck)rrbs have moved to ]ingdrt. from Lyle. Mrs. Ted Pyke an@ her son Dick of Portland. stayed at the Bttrt Sm, itlts r the weekend. `Mrs. Py'ke is em)loyed a,t the Potl, and 'San ita.rim ,as li`brar- 1,a:l. [M, rs. Ano1 Cozr)s (.Miokey) is staying with the Bob Combs ,family till e tan looate a house. A,m<ld wilt be stationed i Korea for the next year. We atre tapy to ltave Mickey back with us. i.  lzF and Mrs. I- ree Prie saye@ seenal days at thek sister*s, e .Melvin Pc- ells. iVrs. PoweU and Mrs. Prite are twins. The sistors fflad not seen the Powells new home. ,Mr. and Mxs. BiLl Witehall ot Calfovn,i,a visI.ed wHfft the Gab Grosses and friends. Vrs. *,am Denny and children home at thhe Nrman Kralls for a ek wile $im Va,s on a special job in Y,alma. TROUT LAKE (M. Merle .Johnson) Ben ffermanr re.era,feted Good Samaritan hosoi'al in PortM,nd last week because o comp]ica- tions following a recent surgery. Thursday, Febrj, ary 16, 1961 rs. Laws'once Me Cuistion of as il.1 in H. R. hosoi*M severs: allays tb2is week. Trout Lake Musbang,s will go to Goldendale Thursday and Fri day nLsht to llay in the tou'rna- mont. They wi.l,1 play Glenwood on Thu,rsctay evenin,g. I)onn Frdyee w;as home from College in Portl.avid for the weekend. Mr. md Mrs. Brwn, ,Mrs. Prances laNek and Rupe i Jenings aen,d-d Preaberian Presbyteaw a Oamms Saturday. Proceeds from the pinochle card party next aturday even. ing, Feb. 18, will go to the March MT. ADAMS SUN " $ DiTrms. Everyone come out and heap make it ,a success. There were secn tables o pinochle at le Gatge Oa'r par- ty Saturday eeninlg. Prizes went to CatheNne Gundersoa, Esther Neal, Oharles Baxwn and Ray Stevens. Woman's Club will meet at the Mrle Jhnson home next Tuesday, Feb. 21. The program wall foature a potluvk lurteheon at noon, each memiber 'bringing a foroin dish si:toe the subject for t&e day is 'informational re- lations". IT'S FUN TO READ THE SUN 12 lb. Load Flush to wall installation Two wash cycles Speed control Hot, warm or cold water Water saver Suds return if desired Non clogging filter i Spray Rinse GE Washersstartat *239 Flush to wall installation Four heat settings De-Wrinkler and flutter Magnetic latch 40 MILLION FAMILIES GET MERCHANDISE Easy to clean lint trap Foot treadle opener + Top & clothes basket porcelain Illuminated dlal FOR TRADING STAMPS-  dryersstartat *114 Why Don't You? Here in Washington, you are denied the freedom of choice that is the right of residents of 47 out of fifty states.., the right to choose either valuable mer- chandise or cash in exchange for trading stamps. Thrifty homemakers-two- thirds of all families in the United States-are saving these stamps as their big bonus for shopping with cash. It's a privilege most Americans have enjoyed for 67 years! Why are You Denied the Freedom to Choose Merchandise (Or cash) for Trading Stamps ? Because of an act passed 'way back in the year 1913 by the Washington State Legislature. The act imposes an annual fee of $6,000 on each individual retailer who would give trading stamps that may be redeemed for merchandise. 48 years ago, the backers of this act believed the big fee would prevent you from ever getting merchandise for your stamps, and this, in turn would dis- courage everyone from using trading stamps. So far, it's worked out that way. How Does the Washington Homemaker Feel About fhh ? A recent survey, conducted by the well-known research firm of Louis Harris and Associates, reports nearly 80% of Washington homemakers polled would prefer to receive merchandise for their trading stamps. For good reason, too! When exchanged for merchandise, trading stamps are worth 50% more in value received, and the bonus for smart cash buying becomes that much bigger! Four out of every five homemakers said they would like to have [reedom o[ choice. Do fradiag Stamps RaJse Prices ? The answer is NO! Many studies validate the fact that prices are not in- creased when stores give trading stamps. In our neighboring states where free use of stamps is permitted, U. S. Bureau of Labor statistics verify the fact that the index of food prices is generally lower than in Washington. Would You LJke the Same Freedom of Choice Enjoyed by Consumers in Other States ? You can have that choice if you tell your State Senator or Representative. They are in Olympia now, preparing to vote on repeal of the old law, especially that section of the 1913 law which requires each merchant to pay his $6,000 annual license-tax. Tell your legislator it's your right to exercise your own free choice in redeeming trading stamps for ,merchandise, or for cash, as you see fit. This is the [roe American Way. Write, wire or phone your district State Senator at Representatives This information has been presented in the public interest by the Sperry and Hutchinson Company, established 1896, the Consumers League, State of Washington, with more than 2OOO chapters, and by the Washington State Retail information Council, represent- ing more than 300 merchants. GE Sensi.Temp Burner + Focused Heat Broiler + 23" Master Oven Automatic Rotisserie Automatic Speed Grill No-Drip Cook top + Dinner Dial ranges start at VOLUME PRICES OREGON'S 3RD LARGEST @ DEALER SA VES YOU MONEY Appliance Division, Bjorklund Hampton, Inc.  Oregon's 3rd Largest G.E. 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