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February 16, 1961     Mt. Adams Sun
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February 16, 1961

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I &apos;, ;?:: i/:11 Subscriptions in Klicktiat & Skamania $2.5{N-Elsewhere $3.00. PLANE CONCENTRATED IN THIS AREA BlliliS-- L A li,tle  s story af having vo ,lind taken the Browns to 'the [ seen an liolane 'hit trees w%th ,air, pore on 31a. 30 and urged'  BRI--ME A H NO WRECKING OR NECKING AFTER DARK IN PARK Local lovers are requested to do their after-dark sparking some- a big flash led this week to a round ,and air seaxeh f Bur- doin Mounraa.n. Objects of tahe sear0h, aere Mr. and Mrs. ttalph Brown, .,both 43, of Hayward, Cal.kf. who mere last seen when they took odf in 1h,ir fottr-pMce Cessna 182 from Por,tla,n airport tat 6 a.m. Mon- d, ay, Jan. 30. irst wrd hat-the Browns `were m,issln came Monday, :Feb. 6 when Mrs. Brown's sis- er eMled rarn Cal.ifomia where she is a:rivig for the B-owns' three eh,ildren. On Tuesd*a', 36 planes scoured ithe $1ht route rom Portland to Baseo, tae Baxyven's desti,a- lion. On, Wed,nesch,, the seolt con eenCrat on Burdoin mount, a when the l.l.lcki,tat Coun.y Sher. is office WLS irmed that Ricky K,nzvle& ei@ht year old son of Mr. 'ad &rs. Merle Kn<v- ]es of inge, had seen a hit tree lxps amt &ilsappear af- ter a big f]Jas?n. Mama, Come See l licky zan into te house to get h,is mcgee,r, ut h,em Mrs. nwles came out she saw no- hirg and forgot .he inRlent nil the story f the missLng plane was published. By the he could not be sure of the day or ,hour when Rieky saw the p]lane. '1e and school authorities are impressed avth ttiky's hen. esty but la dub$ous o 'an old child vho claime,d he also saw the plane lR the trees but al- ed, to cnen ion, the ,rmr at the ime. goud crew o Whie S, on men -- :Wler :HI, J. C. temidge, Pill Nilchols ad the on the 'sout,h face of Purd0in on leb, 8, according to elpuy Sh,eaif John Spl,aw.n. On Feb. 9. Sheri IIa2ser re- quested Hod Riarer Sheriff Gil. anout] to sea.rob the rnonai,n :f'rom the ai'. Rad Weather He aary rain Izn.d low clouds in- ? t.he hunt until Men. day, ,Feb. 13 vhea] Deputy Splau h, aladed anotener sea,rch party to em-nb the ara om. the tp of Burdoin o the lower 9art elf Major Creek. Searchers i,nluded Hecard Hivls, Lee Gloria, J. {2. Stem- brild,g,e, Bill Nichols, John ad- dock, Hmry Dkens. Harry Ford. ffxn IIzanet. ak Huskey, VCalter HI], Ed Naylor of Port- land an,d tR, udy Seoern of Boze- rra.n, Monan,a. ,lso ivt the goup yeas J. K. [McCea'n, @07 SE 162nd, Portland rown not to take f in such bad weathez. rown,  l iend pilot sfnce Christaas, hogh he cu.ld get albove Tahe cloud ceili,g and in- misted on goi,g up to  a ](>ok Portland pilots aalao participa- ted in the search do not believe the ' lane could have Sayed aloft or more than 15 mi.rms laer departure. The search ,is .new focused, on,an,ia Cou.t and Dog Mr. qP U NI SO LITTLE STEAK HOUSE IS SOLD The IAte Steak House in Bin- gen vhaxge han, d 1,as week- e. The ew awne a Art and Areta Fxl4xhey who pur: dhssd the cfe xom Dick ,and Geogie Realeer, M=.s Fri,they las 'ad ten years experience working .for lea restauran. She atlmounces the Little tea,l I-use will ,be. open from 6 a.aT, to 10 p.m. daily exrt Sundays and vil feature short orders and' a daily special. SHRINE CLUB TO MEET FEB. 17 Columbia Gorge Shi:n,e club wil lae its Fbrtaav stag par- ty at the Brde of the Gods care ahi ,Friday night. Shriners from Goldendale to Nerth Bonneville on the Wash- ingtn side of the r.iwr will be present for .lflm event. Rht mow he ca m are atlve in the sponsorship of fund raisi:n,g All Shriners and club mm- bers are urged to attend. Glenwood Rodeo Set for June 18 The 1961 Glenwood Rodeo will be held on Sunday, June 18 and the rodeo dance Saturday night, June 17, announces Chips Kreps who was elected president of the Glen- wood Rodeo Association which held its annual meeting at the C&H Loggers shop in Glenwood last Friday night Frank Lenten was elected vice president and Albin Berglund, secretary-treasurer. All three wnl serve on the nine- man Board of Directors. The other six directors are Steve Hoodenpyl, Frank Costarrzo O. P. Kreps,. Er- nie Chlds, Bill Leaton and Fred Steinbach. LOCAL MERCHANTS PLEAD INSANITY TO STAGE "CRAZY DAZE" AS PROOF Just to pro hey're as crazy as some of Cdheir customers h,ink, White Salmon and Bin- gen busi.nen wile blow the op of pniee duiWg Crazy Daze next weak; Thursday, Fvi- dcay and Saturday, Fb. 23-24- 25. Those hat ,have any hair left will tear Ft out to save money on ature hircus. 'ne  wi'll be a bedllam, of bagai*ns", slas Scatt CalN'hcan lwho is *under the ill,usion that ,th hole sell-abraSion is in hnor of lis biJrthday on FrL dy, Feb. 24. "If we can't sell it, we'll give 1 adas'/' says Ge0ge Driver whose rnadmess is mixed wh rrtaldce. George vll nclude cus- Comer coupons in Ih,ls next week's ad just to see itf anythod.y reads the Vi.t. /kdam$ Suua. 'Ear,l, Warneke h,as developed r parlanoiac symptm-ns of gran'd - cur 'and dec].aces that he is cna- zier Chan his competitors. There is a rumor that Earl is p]lanni.g e close-ot on' straeght jaeket. Dick Crothers rand l, is gang of ewn and. Counery vnobster will dy the Unteuchalbles with s brzn lieu9 of legalized crim- Chuck and Margacet '.d's,r will peddle their h*ardlwace at a,nder-the-cou.nter prices to stop ou-,dt hcea.s dead in their tracks. Mayson s Furniture will ma- Chfne gun their stuck kn a shok Lng atempt to Sh they too awe gne e,k. I uaatik: m,erchma and clerks ar 'aked o wea dmce eps to distinguished themselves from 10- co cure.nets during the Crazy Daze ouFora ,next week, Thurs day to Saturday. The "Crazy Daze" promotion is sp<mred by the Blrsines and Pnal Association whi'.-i is also planning a clean up com- petition wih Hood liver, a spring festival ,nd East,' Ezg llJnL Hob t.'.LL 2hazrman of !.- ." s Century Beatiftcai,,n Con t.'.t, announces th Ms commit. tee is drafting an anti-litter or- di'nn,ne for presentat!cn to the White Salmon City Council. The ordinance will provide stiff pen- acis or violators, Stra,in says. The Association has also ten to Oregon and Washington dental colle,e in hope of i. teresting a young dentist to open an on, flee in White Salmoa. According to Mrs. Clifton Itar- ris, secretary, there a,r, about 3300 famiq'ies in this area. A dehti:st should gross a mi.n'mum of $2000 per moth. We somehow managed to de- liver three Valentines Tuesday: a bouquet of daffodils to Mother's grave, a string of paper hearts to Gertrude who needs some cheer- ing up after having her leg in a cast for eight weeks; and the third to a little boy and his dog Fritz. --O--- Gertrude showed her apprecia- tion with tears. We don't know Fritz's reaction but it made us feel a little better about the state of this sorry old world. --O-- We fully intended to send Val- entine birthday.greetings to Paula Jaeger, Tommy Burke and Mary Mansfield. Valentine people seem to have big hearts located in just the right place. Although we missed the boat, Mary got the Valentine she wanted -- a new great granddaughter from Mr. and Mrs. Mike Mansfiel_5. Michele Sylvia arrived at Skyline at 3 p.m. Tuesday. She was born with a full crop of hair, weighed 6 lbs., 6 oz. and measured 19 in- ches. That's bigger than the Val- entine we sent Doug and Fritz. --O-- Michele shared Skyline's sound- proof squalling cage with two lus- ty gentlemen  another Valentine baby born to .Mr. and Mrs. Gone Trent of White Salmon and a lit- tle cowboy for Mr. and Mrs. Don- ald Warner, also White Salmon, born Monday, Feb. 13. We got into the act when we called on Brother Newel1 Tes- day night. After agonizing at home over the weekend Newell was put tr traction at Skyline Monday morning for a slipped disk. -O-- IT'S FUN TO THE SUN BINGEN - WHITE SALMON, KLICKITAT CO WASHINGTON THEY, FBUARY 16, 1%61 JIMMY PANK0; C,R FOUNDIN WATER . A oug te 1955 e,dan in a fall six weeks ago. A hard Jump the size of a woman's fist and sore as a boil developed. He banged it again when he slipped while fighting a dooryard freshet last Friday. He still doesn't know what the lump is but denies there is any significance m his being placed in the maternity wing. O---- We also dropped in to visit Ted O'Connor who was .operated on Feb. 7. The person who said Ted had mouth surgery couldn't have been more wrong. -- 3O  t' N 30 -- JIG TIME OBJECT OF NEW FIRE RIG "The first few minutes of a fire are the most important." according ,to Fire Commissioner Art Moore who met with Commissioners Clell Black and Lon Yarnell at Hsum fire station Friday night, Feb. 10, to open bids on a one-ton truck and chassis for Rural Fire Dist. o. 3. Three bids .were received: $2808 or a GMC from Columbia Garage; $2673.84 for a Chevrolet from Hun- saker Garage; and $2432.23 for a Ford from K&S Motors which was awarded the bid. As soon as the rig is receivecl, bids will be called to equip the truck'with a 250-gallon water tank , pumping and other fire-fighting equipment. Object of the purchase of tht light truck is to get on a fire in its early stage and hold the blaze until the heavier equipment ar- rives. State HighWay :4 W.A. (Bill) BUgLe this wnounced that a contract wi. awarded ,by June 30 for tion of the Washington to the new Maryhill - Junction bridge across the Grading of road- way to the brid@e an es- timated for the "actual This .project is  to three others, in last week's Sun, or ex- penditure of $7 on the "missing link" Lewis and Clark Hi Rock Creek and Klickit:at County. USFS FOR Over eight  feet million timber was sold in recent sales for a total 80, re- ports C. Glen Jorgesupervis- or of Gifford Pinc' National Forest. t Only one bidder !a@peared at each oral auction,  offered more than the mil'li a price. Two of the tracts   e bought by F. D. Wallace : rhite Sal- men who paid $40,685 feet of Ponderosa p feet of Douglas firan ated amount of whlt million fet of westerr and other species. Red Cross Leader Talks on Disaster Miss ,Mama Murphy, 3,700,000 700,000 t unestim- an:] o',h- ,for 2,900,- inc. tract in ing circle ., White f6 for one white pine R'ed Cross disaster ,relfe represema- {'ire from area hadqfaters, San Francisco, met wiEa a g.rotp at the thxme of Mrs. Leon /-Ii']ts. county, [Red' Czas hair'rran, Tuesday eenig Feb. 7. Mdss VIrh exll&%ned the eaet responsiibility whivh Red Cross i"s ,authorized to ass,ume !r disasters. A1 Lermo is d,isaster chairman for Klicli,Vat County. TIMBER WILL BE SOLD MARCH 21 Olympia (pecial) The Depart me,It of latural res will fer &090,000 Iboerd eet o State-owned! timber plraised at $41,460, or sale at a public auction IVhrch 21 Ln Gleuvood, Iamd C0mmlssione Bert Cole annou,nced today. Ixcated about 20 miles north. east of Glenood: in the Kllcl- itat River dain,ag, the timber will be auctioned at the Gle- District headquarters of the dartrnent. All ,ut 30,000 b<rard feet ofeved In the sale is Ponderosa pine. MT. ADAMS BRIDGE Tuesday, Feb. 14: (N&S) 1st, Louise Thomas and Adelaide Wal- ther: 2nd, Bob Meresse and Mar- ilyn Waldkirch; 3rd, Mr. and Mrs. Don Copper; 4th, Mr. and Mrs. John Dickey; (E&W) 1st, Milly Larsen and Zola Lane; 2nd, Ber- niece Bradshaw and Muriel Hin- klernan; 3rd, ,Mabel Euston and Dick Corum; 4th Larry Larsen and Shadow Gruen. COUNTY COUNCIL TO MEET Klickitat County PTA Council ill hold i%s Boa,rd meti,g Tuesday February 2 at 1l a.m. in the meeting room of th,e NoC building In VCh,lte Sal- mon. &ll board members are urged to ,attend. Mrs. Donoho has returned to her 'home in Bige ate.r a vl. it since be[ore ChriStmas with her sister Mrs. ,Hmaer Hou,seran in Cam,as. where else than in Jewett Creek Park..Other users are requested to pick up their litter and refrain from using the park as a public dump. Both park and buildings are the private property of the Mr. Adams Fish and Game Association, Inc., to whom the land was ,given by Charles and Mary .Mansfield. Public use of the park is con- tingent upon the good behaviour of guests vrho hould show their appreciation by keeping the park tidy. The Fish and Game Club will meet Wednesday, Feb. 22, in the NBOfC community hall. Trustees will meet with the Jr. Rifle Club at 7 p.m. prior to the general meeting at 8 rp.m. A film, 'Ihe New Paul Bun- yan" will .be shown. Publie shooting is held at the indoor rifle range each Monday night. High score will be announ- ced each week. Judge LaTourell of Cascade Locks and Los Goodrich recently took home ha,ms for their sharp shooting. Young Ted Lehmann and alph Brown are also shooting a mean score..(Club reporter) Sbl?R'r AND , SWEET SPAIN IN ITALY ,laz Sain left Hollywood by plmne l,a.s:t Frid.ay to spend s v- en weeks in ,italy  a mo- tion p4ctuce ..... BREAKS LEG IN FALL FROM ROOF Gus Herdina WaS taken to Sky line hospital by Gardner's am- bulance 4at Sa'tmd,ay, Feb. 11. Vir. Hcrdi'na's lag yeas fraetur- ed when he fe,ll from his roof on the Charer's pliace wet of Bin- gn. BANK WILL BE OPEN ON LEGAL HOLIDAY Al'thoug.h sehoois and post- off,ices w,ill be closed nxt W, ed ne'say Fb. 22. in obsvwtnce of George ,VvSash%ngon's bifinca.y, ,a legal holiday,, fine Naiona 1 ank of Commerce of W,hi'te Sal. mon will be open as usual, ac- cording to Ya.rin allb, man. a,ger. TWO CARS STOLEN "l%v White Salmon ears were stolen this week. The ear owned Iby Don Jon, z& son of Cutlet Jones, was found a,bandoned the next d, ay at Lyle, according to police. No t':ace h,as been Sound of ]V:s. Tony Sntth's green a.d ,whi!_ 1957 Ford s:d,ma stolen from Jewett avenue about md- night, Monday, Feb. 13. The oar bore Washg'ton li- cense plate ZAE-159 and also dealtrr pl;fies, .1357-:. THE RAINS CAME Since telephone contact with PP&L's condit plant at North- western Dem ,has been removed, th,e' Sun has been un!able to ob- tain preciplOaon-gs for this month's record rainall. Kowever. 3 riches of ain fel.1 in a 15 hour period last Wednes- day, Feb. 8 at the H. O. Hofstedt place on Smwden road. ince the mealsurng device wa a d ish1a.n avth ta,pered s'!des, Ho4stedt ,aked Gordon Mcechn'ie, SDS forester, to cal,. ib,rate and, veriay the deluge 30 bUN 30 TWIDwELLS BUY MANSFIELD HOME [Mr. nd. Mrs. Carl 2qw,ldell of A,ridl .ha,e. purchased the Ed- vtrd A. Marmtfield home in Whdte Salmon. The Mansfields `will ,glove possessio on May 1 when Mr. Twidvel ,will retire from his poMion with Pacific Power and Light Co. Goodwill Pickup Due Here Feb. 23 The Goodwill Industries Truck will be in B1ngen .Vhlte Salrrmn area ThlUrsay, Fdb. 23 to pick up repai nale disea,rds for r- cond,itianiag by Goodwill's 400 hantioppeff worers. Such seasonal items as swim su.its, @ol,ls, dra)es, beddirg, Ehlldven and men's clothing, la swings and lawn mowers are in short supply and espec- laHy needed. Persons wi@h, articles to g:ve should call Rev. Alfred S. Pal-{ mer (Y3-3(B3) of W. S. to ar.] I a'n,ge for Goowlll s uck to ] stop at their home or place of I business. ] Jimmy Pamko _ m = : = ; - Tile SUN - Thursday, Feb. 16 Social Security: W. S. City ,h,ll tl0 a.m. to noon. Cu nty, 'B" Le'algue Tom, m- anent (also Fb. 18): Golden. <tae, 7 pan. . SlyliP, e Gtld: Mmal heal,th program, PD, 8 p.m,. 1st Lenten Service: Congrega- ion church, 8 p.m. Rim,gen a.d W. S. Cik'T Cou.n.cils P,aIx: 7:30, nlazm. Friday, Feb. 17 Kckia,t Slvanaia County Fru$c Growers: h,ie Salmon Chinooks: Elks Club, noon. Columbia Gorge Shrine Cltb: 4inner mezcig, :30. idge of God's Caie. Basketball: Kalama at W. S. Sa, Feb. 18 SenLor Valenine Danee: Grade school gym. 8-!11.:30 p.m. Su1/, Feb. 19 Ch,urdhmen's Ctorus: Puhl!ic con cet, Met hdkt church, 8 >.m. Monday, Feb, 20 Reibek, ah LodgE, Sp.m. I<o0::.ry': llkrg x Clu(b,, .'q.oon County PTA Council: NBofC 11 a. m. Basketball: LaCenter at W. S. Wednesday, Feb. 22 Washington's Birthday  Legal ;Holidny. Schools anA poa,/o- Hoes closed.. Ba,k open. County School Ad,m!ni,stvators: Vvhii:e Sa l'mo,n. Fish and Garn Cl*u: N&,ofC Trustees and ;h'. Rifle Club. 7 p.,m.; meeting, 8 p.m.. Theta Rho: 7:30 p.m. = - - = - - = = - SENIORS SPONSOR SEMI.FORMAL AT G YM SA TURDA Y One of the mot rrportart so- cial affairs on Clumbia IKh ShooFs ea,lenlar this semester is the seml.lrrnal dance span,. soed by the senior class, Satur. day ng:h,t, Feb. 18 in the White Salmon gnade .sclmoI gym. Dane hag wiLi ,be troan 8:30 p.m. to 11:0 p.m. A vlncine theme and 14re m,usi i11 provi,de en.tevtai- men,t r all students ,aad ap- p,rzd guests. *HitCh light of the evening wilt ,be the crowninlg of the queen and her court of three prltaeesses who will be elected' by boys of the dy. Chairman :,or the dance is Cliff Habenstroh: He is suporte by the folling enlr chairmen: SheryLi Crone, dec0ati,; Kar. en Keele, programs; Jea Rod.. gem, able; Shei, la Olemen, ts, tckets and-Bi,kl "1ller, , publcRy. vivited oha@exones are Mlr. and rs. Itubert Yeo, Me. Mrs. Gene Karl, VIr. avcl Rald Sterland, Mr ad Mrs, AI Wedekind lad '.rs Statffer, Senior advisor. ELKS INAUGURAL BALL ON APRIL 8 "tqhe n,inth icmulguaml ,ball of ]Vt. Adams EI, Lodge 1868 of Wh'ite Sa!,mon aill he 'held from 9:30 p.m. to 1:30 a:m. Saturday, Ap.,il 8 at the Eagles ballmom. .Music mill be furnished, by Karl Kmen's cance land from Hood River Th, cover ch,arge VOLUM XXvq, N[M'ER 16 of Jimmy Panko. 18, White Salmon, was fen.rid wrecked in the 'White Salmon river Tuy m,ornig, Feb. 14, theee tenths of *a mile above ,the, Underwood bridges, circumstantial evidence leaves a slim hcepe that the nay still be al'ie. eordig to his ,Sather Tony Pan,ko, Jimmy's oar ws not sub .merged. The wn,dOw by th dri <- ver's sat was open and his car keys were found in the frout Jimmy was last seen when he toc{ h,..s friend Lance enso.n home about 10:30 p.m. Monday nSght. /lmmy's heavy overcoat was in the a:r but he ws not wari,ng it. The coat is gone. he wreked ear was spotted by Hen,ry' Kapp .and an SP&S speeder crew who re@arted i.t to State l:atrolm, al Dick Reak'seck- er about "/:45 a.m. Tuesday. Roa.ksker identified the car and con,lacteal. Jfrrrmy'a fther at t%e ga'l pit east af Bigen. Gro,and marks i.nd:iae the ear ,was head:d north at a n,ou. erate speed up the Un,dewood cutoff, and ,hat it slPl side- ways over the 75-foot embank- ment i,n,to the river. Rock da,m'age ,to the oar's left front, s'.de and top tdieate that the car rolled over once between the highway and landing right- side up on rocks in the river. The louver pat of the oar wa submerged up to within two [eet of the windows. Lack of broken gllass or blood further indicate that w, as .not injured in the plrnge. But for every reason to hope tha,t e is ali,, there is another :eason to beliew he drowned. .oek  ear were'-very sli_ery an,d t,he iver botlom drops elf sharply. He could Dave got t n out of the ax 0rod sl.ip- ped i'nto the icy told and swol- te.n Tier. Pdngen and VChi,te .Salmon firem0n spent all' day, Tuesd,ay dagging the ,riv,r b,o,ttn. On Tuesd:ay Sheri,I]f K}aiser ealisted the service of skin dvers from The Dalles to continue the search. Visilbili*ty in the murky ,aters is lrrlted to six or eight feet. The"faml is at ,a loss to expl.aPn ,the mytry, which sur.rotmdS Jrnmy's disappear- ance, urfless the was drowned. As far as they kmyv, Jimmy h, ad o problems which would make him run aay -- unless he pa,n- icked [r the accident. Jimmy, as em pl eyed a,t Merle's arket ia Binge'n. Ac- Cordirg to Verley Woas]y, the marmger, Jimmy was an ideal ernlee. He oen came early or wrked late vchen he feh there was ex- tra wok to do, and d'id nat ex- pect ,o be pe:id for his overtime, Woole ays. any of his frlnds have any im>rrna.on h,ieh might east H!ght on his disappe:rnce, hey are requ,estd, to ntlact his family immediately. o more specu,l,0tion is need- ed. The Sun h, as traced down half a dozen rumors and found oath to b-  Saise. Such w, Hd stor. is do nhing t delay m amh and  to the ,g :i of 3tnmy's rn. Annual Sweetheart Banquet Tomorrow . Young adults of ,the Methodist C2mrch wil serve their annual public Saveetheat Batcluet from 5 to 7 p.m, Frid*aT, Fb. 17 I the new chu,r',h dtn'ing room. P: ,- cecis rom the ham dlnne; w'll be dma]aed to the church build. g fund. - Born at Skyline B0n Ma,6ay, Fetb. 6 1q61 to /vl)r. ,and 2Vrs. Detbert Green of Underwood, a son, Jm Carl. Born Saturday, FOb. 11, 1961, will ,be $10 per couple or Elks to Mr. and M,rs. Bert Cffmata of and out of town guests North Bonneville, a so.